Special Guests: Glowreeyah, Adetoun, Bumie, Alexis

Priscilla, Canada — This special edition is dedicated to all Gospel Background/Backup Singers everywhere. I totally enjoyed doing this edition, listening and reading the guests views. I’m sure you will too.

According to research, Artistes that give room for their backup singers to sometimes express themselves get the best from them! Many Artistes are able to shine on stage thanks to the Backup Singer’s harmonies and support. But I found out that, most times they are always ignored or forever relegated to the back.. Well, background singers should be applauded and appreciated and that is why I respect Pastor Kim Burrell, Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton and artistes that make their backup singers feel important, challenging and appreciating them.

So many times, I have observed professional Backup Singers stylishly taking the reins and rising above situations or emergencies on stage and able to save the day; intervening and covering up for the artiste unknown to the audience, except a keen eye like me.. Trust me, I don’t miss anything in a performance{Laughs} My guests are 4 gorgeous anointed artistes doing great things in the gospel music industry having  gone through and still backup for fellow artistes from time to time, which to me is cool..

Let’s meet the back up singers in the image above. From Left – Meet the elegant Sonorous Soprano Singer Glowreeyah;
the cool, unique Tenor Singer Adetoun;
the super Talented Alto Singer Bumie;
the lovely fiery red hair Incredible Soprano Singer Alexis;

 These women at some point were background singers and today they are celebrated!


Alexis Spight
Alexis Spight

The first thing you notice about her is her Fiery Red Hair which is pretty much a cool trade mark!…{Laughs} She is such a sweet person to talk with, coolheaded and knows what she wants. The American Singer currently signed to Uncle G’s Record, (a very pleasant person I must confess) is Season 5 Runner up of BET Sunday Best…

Since her Sunday Best win, Alexis has been touring the country promoting her new single: STEADY as well as her forthcoming album. Her promotional tour has included appearances on the Impact Network, the 28th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards, the BMI Trailblazers of Gospel event, and a series of Super Bowl-related events, including Sunday morning worship service at the Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church, as well as church. Her rendition of Imagine Me by Kirk Franklin is really cool. She has great songs (Steady, Imagine Me, Live Right & Go this way} to her credit too which can be purchased on Soundcloud and are played on Praiseworld Radio.



A background singer is the other half of the meal in the song; you can’t have a burger without fries… You can’t wear a shirt without the pant… {Laughs} you can’t be a lead without background singers. They are simply the life of the song. They are extremely important!


Had the privilege of backing up, as well as back up a plethora of great singers like Pastor Kim Burrell, Pastor John P. Kee… And moreover, since I’m an artist myself, I’ve backed new artist like Mali Music… Leandria Johnson..etc. I’m happy to say they were great experiences every time. I had fun! Learned a lot… Learned to follow… Learned to blend… It was great!

Alexis Spight ministering
Alexis Spight ministering


I think the artist should do whatever is comfortable for them as it pertains to switching or changing their backup singers. I know from personal experience though that the more you practice something, the easier it is to accomplish perfection. In other words, when you use the same singers consecutively, their voices syncs and develop a natural blend with one another; creating a smooth and flawless sound… befitting to the artist and definitely beneficial!


Do I think background singers are given the honor they deserve? Well, it depends on who they seek reward from. Realistically, I don’t think anything would honor a background singer the way they DESERVE to be honored in terms of recognition & finances. Matthew 6:1 says: “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.“God rewards better than anyone else ever can, and I am a living proof of what serving does.


In regards to background singers feeling the need to go solo… I mean if you believe that’s destiny, then in due time, God will raise you up! But if it is because you feel like you aren’t being seen or heard enough orrrrr!!.. Whatever the case other than God has assigned you in front, I wouldn’t suggest it! Being a background singer requires humility. The world may NEVER know your name while singing background… But you have to have the mentality of; if they NEVER know my name, as long as they know HIS name, I’m good. And God honors that!

Alexis Spight With BET Sunday Best Host- Kirk Franklin Season 5
Alexis Ministering
A moment with Alexis.. New SIngle: STEADY

Alexis Spight

Signed to Uncle G Records.

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Bumie (Bunmi}a Nigerian U.S-based Music Minister having backed up professionally for different artistes describes her music as a fusion of Neo-soul and Hip-Hop sound that is bound to elevate the spirit, heal the soul and bring glory to God. She is a Praise and Worship leader at New Breed International Church in Landover, Maryland and currently working on the video of ‘ATEWO’ her latest single interpreted as CLAP or PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER!



A backup singer is a singer who has taken time out to learn another artiste song and stands as a support system, holding down the groove or chorus of a song in order for the artist to be able to express and perform well.


Yes I backed up quite a few artists… Pastor Kingsley Ike, Sammie Okposo,  Lara george, Uche Agu, Paul Irabor, Hope Davies, Agboola Shadare, Mike Aremu, Tosin Martins, Juanita Contee  to name a few and the list goes on and on


It was an interesting experience. I mean you have to be patient, know your craft and also be a good singer, the money wasn’t always good but the experience was awesome.

Bunmi Dada ministering
Bunmi Dada ministering

Sometimes we had to travel long distances and sometimes receive no acknowledgement or paycheck comes up short but I believe it built some kind of perseverance in me. Music is sweet but before you become an artist you have to understand that stage life is different from rehearsals.  Somedays our mics go off during a performance or we get to a program after hours of being on the road and have to go on stage right away but we still have to deliver. Sounds fun right? (smiles) But at that moment, we dont really enjoy it until after the experience.


Some of the challenges I faced as a backup singer was that, I actually started giving so much of my time to other artistes and got to forget my own music and when it was time for me to launch out, some of the artistes did not want to release me!


Personally, I believe that Backup singers are not given the honor they deserve, but it’s alright because it builds humility and stamina it also strengthens one’s character. Even Jesus said: “Let him who wants to be the greatest first serve.” It’s in the place of serving that you build your strength as a leader.


I would love to back up for Pastor Kim Burrell! Her music is complicated. Her music is work, Her music challenges me and I love it.,

Bumi Dada & Tye Tribbett at a Concert in Philadelphia
Bumi Dada at a Worship Session
A moment with Bumie Dada: New Single ATEWO!


Bsuper Entertainments

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Glowreeyah is one of the Strong Worship Leaders and Lead Vocalist in ‘House On The Rock Church’- Lagos, Nigeria. She is a dynamite on stage as opposed to her perceived gentle disposition. very witty and down to heart.  Her personality reflects in her music. She is versatile and has shared the stage with different Artistes. Glowreeyah is currently promoting her new video ‘God Alone’ Which I’m encouraging everyone to look out for.


A BACKGROUND SINGERS: Definition and Criteria for Selection

Speaking in terms of aeronautical metaphor, a Back-up Singer is first and foremost a Singer; giving wings and support to the flight as piloted by a Lead Singer. The importance of a good crew cannot be over-estimated. Together Each Achieves More (T.E.A.M) My preference would always be for skillful worshippers who are relational, flexible and are solid in character.


I believe Pastors are at liberty to determine the need for special back-up Singers. The music program of every ministry is fundamental to the order of service. Every Pastor would always and forever want a dream-interpreter in his/her team-a skillful, dependable spirit-led person that can assist his/her mandate.

Glowreeyah Braimah Ministering


In the quest for attaining the best, every Music Minister is at different phases (teething to maturity) in their ministry experience. What works as an effective strategy in one era might not necessarily be so in the next era. As evolving beings, there are bound to be inevitable changes. People that work and walk together need to have a ‘consensus ad idem’-a meeting of the minds and agreement in prayer, spiritual growth, schedules, keeping appointments as well as commitment to band practices, general and personal discipline etc.

Where and when there are disparities or conflicts, a dis-harmonious experience may exist between the parties. This kind of environment is a kill-joy and definitely not where the Holy Spirit would find expression. A Lead Minister and/or Pastor would naturally and always maintain a Back-up Singer that adds value to his/her team. A Back-up Singer would also be confident in an atmosphere that grants him/her a sense of belonging. I must also add that where there are occasions of lack of spiritual direction, negativity, abuse, and manipulative circumstances, either party is free to walk away as led by God.


The greatest honour is the call of God upon the life of every Minister; the privilege to be used as a vessel to propagate the good news of the Kingdom and of our Christ. This is the heart of worship. Can anyone ever really pay the true monetary sum for what this is worth? To look at this critically, there are voluntary and non-voluntary types of situations. Some people choose not to get any but to serve voluntarily. Others may be engaged in this capacity as full-time Back-up Singers. However, every Minister (Back-up Singer inclusive)is worthy of honour, recognition and financial remuneration, as and when due.


Going solo is a good thing only if God goes with you!

Glowreeyah sharing the stage with Donnie McClurkin at the Dominion Conference in Lagos


Having a worship moment.
Glowreeyah's New Video-God Alone.
Glowreeyah’s New Video-God Alone.


Independent Recording Artiste (unsigned)

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I invited her as a guest because of her experience as a professional Backup Singer for 10 years and now a solo artiste. Very much involved in the music ministry of Global Harvest The name ‘Waka Queen’  was given to her after she came up as the 2nd runner up in the season 5 Project Fame where she dazzled everyone with her versatility and blend of rich African and R&B music.

The newly wedded bride has been a background Singer for years, always smiling and bubbly. Ive been privileged to work with her several times. been in the same gospel singing group as well as backing up for similar gospel artistes, Toun thrives in excellence and perfection. She gets irritated when a note is wrong or off.. She can go from Fred Hammond’s voice to Fuji (Nigerian traditional music}in a minute. Trust me she has one of those rare unique TENOR voice.

Her single ‘OMO NAA’-interpreted as The Child is available for free download below.




A Back-Up Singer is someone that must be able to harmonize with a group of singers with whom he/she has never worked with. He/She must be versatile, because they may have to perform different styles of music as they work with different Artistes on separate recordings. Backup singers can be employed or may be freelance singers.

Adetoun Adekoya
Adetoun Adekoya


For me, being a backup singer has really helped my music career in so many ways. From the hours I spent in the studio to the places I’ve been privileged to be with other Artistes to the sleepless night trying to rehearse( and get my notes right laughs) Well I can say it has been a wonderful experience for me.


Hummmn! Basically, people tend to look down on Backup singers, not giving them enough recognition and sincerely I don’t know why. For me, I struggled with the fact that few out of the Artistes I’ve worked with tend to think I know too much, because anytime the harmony does not sound right during rehearsals, It troubles me ….. you know (laughs). Probably due to my musical background. I loveeeee good music and I’m passionate about good harmonies too.


Well I won’t say yes or no…. It depends on whoever you’re working with. At least I’ve been backing up for 10years now and not everyone I’ve worked with left a good memory of themselves. So I guess  as a back up singer you should brace yourself and expect the good, bad and ugly……


Yetunde Are, Wole Oni, Big Bolaji, Gbenga Adenuga, Edward Sunday, Bolaji Sax …..Cant remember them all.


I would say Kirk Franklin and Kim Burrell…

Adetoun doing her stuff
Adetoun doing her stuff
Adetoun with State dignitaries, Big Bolaji  & the legendary Don Moen
Adetoun with State dignitaries, Big Bolaji & the legendary Don Moen



Waka Queen Toun
Waka Queen Toun


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Interesting views I must say. I would love to thank all my guests for responding to my call. God bless you richly. And to all lovely readers, you can catch up with them with details of their music projects by following them on social media.

And if  you have any question for them, simply ask at the comment segment below and direct the question to the specific guest by mentioning the name of the guest. The Guest in question will definitely respond to your question I promise you. Thanks for your support. Much love.

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  • Hi Sisters,You all have done wonderfully well as backup singers at different times in your singing careers as you have said,so I wanna ask are they specific things a backup singer must know/do to enable them back up and project their different parts (alto,tenor and soprano) clearly? Warepamorsammy.wordpress.com

    • Glowreeyah

      Dear Sammy. It will hinge on a 3-fold chord of Practice, Perseverance and Prayer. Hope this encapsulates it for you? Cheerios!

  • Bumie

    Sammy, my sis Glowreeyah has said it all. Take up materials that challenge you as well.