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In this 21st century, social media is everywhere. It is one of the easiest medium to make acquaintances and it helps you share and connect with anything and anyone. We live in a world that has no b1oundaries on their social media.

As much as the benefits of social media is quite high, so is the corresponding consequences. The popular quote used by social media gurus: ‘Think before you click,’ is so as to make you responsible for everything you post before it becomes your worst nightmare.

Most negative posts have severe effects. Most recent employers have been seen to go through employees social media page before they are been employed. Here are some important things you should never post so as to avoid adverse effects;


This should not be debated.  It automatically becomes an open invitation for everyone to come to your house. So, make sure that the geo-tagging features on your social media accounts are turned off, so it does not automatically post the coordinates from where you are sharing from. Vacations and check ins also included. Except in an occasion where you would actually be paid for sharing, it should NOT be public.


If you are having a fight or quarrel with your spouse or friends or work related grievances, you should not go on social media to rant. No matter how tempting it is, control yourself. Better still, talk to someone about it or talk to your boss.


Body exposure, nudity, drunken state, compromising positions, extreme political views etc. should not be posted on social media. Not everything you see on social media is legal. And while there is one thing to get fined or fired over a joke or incendiary comment, It is something else entirely to break the law and leave the evidence on your account for all to see.4. MONEY, BANK DETAILS AND JEWELRIES

Your bank statement is your personal business and not for the whole world to see. Everyone uses social media, that is: thieves, murderers and fraudsters. Just got a big raise at work? Great! Received a tax return that was larger than you expected? Awesome! Have you been saving more than you’ve been spending? Even better! A wonderful idea to do with that news? Keep it to yourself. This, friends, is the definition of personal information.


This is for anything you might regret later. It might seem like the ‘in’ thing now but with time you would wish you had never put it up. Personal chats, someone else’s big news etc.

Before you upload or post “What’s on your mind,” Think twice and be double sure to avoid negative consequesnces.

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