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The 21st century man assumes when talking about indecent dressing we are strictly talking to the lady folks but we all know that this doesn’t exclude them. Picture this: A guy in skinny jeans and shirt topped up with lovely snickers playing the bass guitar. He feels like using the rest room and comes back to the stage with an erection, yes erection and the whole shape is revealed in his jeans. With that picture in mind, we would all agree that we all need to take a rain check with our wardrobes.

Its time we start to seeing a beautiful well-dressed lady and a guy you can take anywhere without having a second thought. Some people would say ‘Do not judge a book by the cover, some people that you think dresses indecently are  actually decent people when you get close to them’ but ‘why cover the bible with pornography pictures’. The way you dress speaks of what goes on in your mind.

Your trouser should always stay around your waist and not lower. Been a man is not a license to be shabby, real men dresses well, knows the right underwear to wear, smell well and always remember ‘Holiness is not Dirtiness’.

Ladies, not every cloth a so called ‘celebrity’ wears is the right cloth to wear. Most of them don’t wear that cloth out of the studio, coping them is mere stupidity. Wearing a low waist jean, crop top net and weird makeup on your face to church because you want to look ‘good’ isn’t speaking well about you.  To our celebrities, your dressing tells us your values.

A well groomed lady dresses well, looks good and communicates well with no foul language just like 1 Timothy 2 verse 9 says ‘I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes’

Finally, We all need to get our values right, check our wardrobe and get rid of all under aged and indecent dresses and present ourselves appropriately.

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