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They took thirty silver coins. That’s how little the Israelites thought He was worth. Thirty Silver Coins!!!

 And yet till date, nobody has the capacity to pay Jesus for What He did on the Cross. Not the richest man on earth, Not even the most powerful being on earth
They thought they were getting rid of Him, totally ignorant of the fact that they were pushing Him to fufill PURPOSE.
He suffered shame like never before. Mere men spat at his face, they punched him and whipped Him like a criminal. They even chose Barabbas, a common criminal over Him. They Mocked Him without holding back. There was basically a serious backlash towards Jesus.
The charges against Him “MADE NO SENSE.” No wonder He had to beg His Father to “forgive them because they did not know what they were doing.”
They really did not know what they were doing. They didn’t know they were leading him to the very place where everything was going to change for the better. They didn’t know they were mocking the SON of a KING. Oh no! they didn’t know.
 And so they nailed Him to the cross, hands and feet. And as they dug the nails into His hands, Blood spluttered about, dripping down His hands. Blood oozed out from His feet, and as people walked by they looked at Him with disgust and then insulted Him.
He endured the excruciating pain, suffering and the heartbreak. Instead of thinking of Himself, He thought about us and so He gave. He gave His LIFE.
You see, with the way things were going, somebody had to do something to save God’s children from falling into the hands of the enemy and so Jesus Christ choose to be the one to save God’s Children. But that doesn’t mean it was easy for Him.
At the garden Of Gethsemane, as a human man, it was hard.  Fear gripped Him to the point where He had to go back to his Father three times consecutively to pray and make a request to escape this crazy and scary road. But He knew deep down in his heart and so after begging for an escape He asked that God’s will be done.
‎You see, He was thinking about us the whole time. He did it all for us. He didn’t have to do it but He did and this has to be the most AMAZING, GLORIOUS and WONDERFUL thing that has ever been done.

So today as we all reminisce in this Easter season, let our hearts be full of joy. As we cringe while remembering how those nails pierced his skin and how he was hit on the head with sticks,‎ let our hearts be filled with excitement and gratitude because we won’t have the opportunities we have today if Jesus didn’t allow Himself to be crucified.
As the tears roll down our cheeks remembering that all it took was thirty coins of silver, as we remember that he was whipped mercilessly and despite the fact that he was extremely weak, they still made him carry the cross.

As we remember all these things let our hearts be full of thanksgiving because He did it so that we can boldly walk into God’s presence without having to cleanse ourselves with the blood of animals.
He tore the veil, He made a way and now we have access to the Father.
So, this season, don’t be so caught up with the food and clothes to the extent where you forget to say “THANK YOU JESUS.” Because He is the REASON for the SEASON.
Happy Easter!!!!!


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